The most influential political TV and radio shows in North Carolina

Washington hangs on every word uttered during Sunday shows like NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’s “Face the Nation.” North Carolina doesn’t quite have an exact equivalent. But the state has plenty of TV and radio programs that command the attention of political insiders. These shows regularly bring in high-profile guests, and … Read more

How House Speaker Tim Moore got 6,000+ shares on a single blog post

House Speaker Tim Moore is in North Carolina’s top echelon of elected officials using digital content for political advantage. His team regularly posts updates on the domain explaining actions the General Assembly has taken or celebrating successes. Moore’s most popular post of the year came right at the end, posted December 19 with the … Read more

“Unbiased” state and local news will die — and that’s OK

Newspapers in mid-sized cities across America are hurting, and TV stations are headed that way, too. That’s not news anymore. But the unstoppable vicious cycle destroying the mainstream media business model should not be construed as a threat to democracy — no matter what journalists tell you. Their brand of “unbiased” news will die right … Read more