Why N.C. can’t seem to have an honest conversation about education

There are few topics more important in N.C. politics than education. Not only is North Carolina home to more than 1.5 million public school students, education makes up more than 50% of the state’s $24 billion budget. With the stakes so high, it’s frustrating that North Carolina politicians can’t seem to have an honest conversation … Read more

How much money it takes to win North Carolina elections

Money isn’t the only factor in winning elections — but it is a major one. Campaign spending is one of the main determinants of whether a candidate can be viable for a particular race. That’s why Longleaf Politics scoured campaign finance records to find out exactly how much money it takes to win different types … Read more

Why N.C. candidates set up legal defense funds

As Mark Harris gears up for a courtroom fight to be seated in the U.S. House, his campaign’s legal bills are certain to add up quickly. To cover those costs, the Harris campaign has set up a legal defense fund and is accepting donations. Legal defense funds — officially known as legal expense funds in … Read more

What the North Carolina secretary of state actually does

The North Carolina secretary of state is elected statewide every four years and sits on the Council of State. But what does this elected official actually do? In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know. Keep up with North Carolina politics Who is currently the N.C. secretary of state? The current secretary … Read more

To understand why conservatives don’t support Medicaid expansion, remember 2009

As the 2019 legislative session gets underway, the drumbeat from all corners of the media, business, and political establishment is sure to grow louder for Medicaid expansion. Gov. Roy Cooper has signaled that he will put it in his budget, and some GOP legislators are either openly or privately supportive of the effort. Yet despite … Read more