Longleaf Politics is a trusted guide to what’s important in the state of North Carolina, giving voters, candidates, lobbyists and business executives useful resources to understand and succeed in N.C. politics.

Every week, we publish a newsletter that goes out to more than 2,500 of the most influential people in our state. This newsletter breaks down the most important issues of the day and provides smart, incisive political commentary from a conservative point of view.

On our website, Longleaf Politics publishes in-depth resources that help you get informed, get elected and get ahead in North Carolina politics.

Who we are

Andrew Dunn is the founder of Longleaf Politics.

Andrew Dunn headshotAndrew served as the communications director for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest in his campaign for Governor of North Carolina.

Before that, Andrew worked as the Head of News at Charlotte Agenda, responsible for content at a fast-growing local news startup and part of the management team making strategic and financial decisions.

That move to digital journalism came after a decade as a reporter and editor at North Carolina newspapers including the Charlotte Observer and the StarNews in Wilmington. Andrew continues to cover North Carolina politics in a variety of publications.

Andrew is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and former editor of The Daily Tar Heel. His work has been cited numerous times by the N.C. Press Association and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

What does Longleaf Politics believe?

We approach politics from the reasonable right-of-center. But these beliefs we hold are much more important:

  • We believe in civil debate.

  • We believe in the marketplace of ideas.

  • We believe people can disagree without one side being evil.

  • We believe in decency and respect.

  • We believe that there’s no such thing as an unbiased news source.

  • We believe that to do is much more difficult and valuable than to criticize from the sidelines.

  • We believe that North Carolina is the best state in the nation and we want it to succeed.