Why N.C. candidates set up legal defense funds

As Mark Harris gears up for a courtroom fight to be seated in the U.S. House, his campaign’s legal bills are certain to add up quickly. To cover those costs, the Harris campaign has set up a legal defense fund and is accepting donations. Legal defense funds — officially known as legal expense funds in … Read more

Guide to North Carolina political consultants

Serious about running for office? Then certainly you’ve considered hiring a political consultant. The world of North Carolina political consulting is highly dependent on networking and personal connections. We tried to peel back the curtain a bit to give you a sense of who the power players are behind the scenes. This guide is limited … Read more

Why North Carolina’s new elected officials get sworn in all over the state

As a new crop of N.C. elected officials assume office, many of them are choosing to be sworn in close to home. Sen. Wiley Nickel was sworn in at Cary Town Hall. Sen. Harper Peterson took her oath at Bakery 105 in Wilmington. Sen. Kirk deViere chose the U.S. Army Airborne & Special Operations Museum … Read more

Dale Folwell has real fiscal conservative cred

This story is the first installment in our “Contenders” series, where we outline the strengths and weaknesses of the people most likely to run for higher office in the coming years. Want to keep up? Sign up for the weekly Longleaf Politics newsletter. Why Dale Folwell is a contender First-term state treasurer Dale Folwell has … Read more