The complete guide to landing a job in N.C. politics

Getting a job in North Carolina politics can be a challenge. It’s hard to break in, the landscape can be unstable, and the money isn’t always great. But it is possible, and the rewards can be enormous: Our state’s public servants do a phenomenal job making life better for the people of North Carolina. So … Read more

Guide to landing an internship in North Carolina politics

Want a career in North Carolina politics? That means you’ll probably first need an internship in North Carolina politics. Many of today’s top legislative staffers and campaign managers started as interns. It’s a great way to get experience and your foot in the door. We’ve rounded up details on some of the top programs for … Read more

9 ways to send better political campaign email newsletters

If you’re running for office or advancing a cause, you absolutely need an email newsletter. It’s a low-cost way to keep your supporters engaged, raise money, get out the vote and draw new people into the fold. While political campaign email newsletters are relatively cheap, they’re not easy. Here are 9 tips to send more … Read more

How North Carolina’s political parties choose their leaders

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth examining: The Republican Party and Democratic Party command tremendous power in North Carolina politics. It’s virtually impossible to get elected without belonging to one of the two parties. And state law privileges the party organizations in a multitude of ways. For example, the party gets to choose who fills … Read more

The most influential political TV and radio shows in North Carolina

Washington hangs on every word uttered during Sunday shows like NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’s “Face the Nation.” North Carolina doesn’t quite have an exact equivalent. But the state has plenty of TV and radio programs that command the attention of political insiders. These shows regularly bring in high-profile guests, and … Read more