Gerrymandering or geography? Why Democrats win more votes and fewer seats

N.C. Democrats made big gains in the General Assembly in the 2018 elections. But should those gains have been even bigger? The left certainly thinks so. Progress NC put a press release decrying the fact that the Democratic Party won more the statewide popular vote in N.C. House and Senate races, but Republicans still hold … Read more

North Carolina laws about Confederate monuments, explained

North Carolina has struggled with how to interpret its Confederate past for decades. But for the past three years, Confederate monuments have been a particular flashpoint across the state. Violent protests around a statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, touched off a renewed discussion on what to do with them. Should they be … Read more

North Carolina’s tax cuts, explained

Are North Carolina’s falling tax rates responsible for the state’s economic growth? Or is the state not bringing in enough revenue to adequately fund public schools? Has the legislature relieved working families of an undue tax burden? Or have Republicans kowtowed to corporations and millionaires? Ahead of the contested 2018 elections, both Republicans and Democrats … Read more

The impact N.C. Republicans have had on K-12 public education, explained

Ever since Charles Aycock became known as the “education governor” in the early 1900s, North Carolina politicians have campaigned on being the strongest supporter of K-12 education. It’s not just lip service — education is one of the most vital services that state government provides. So it’s not surprising that Gov. Jim Martin campaigned on … Read more